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biocube technologies "Unified Digital Identity platform with multi-vertical products & solutions Elevating Security in a New Era" - Biocube, the World’s First, Patented WEB 3.0 enablement ready, AI Powered Multi-factor, Multimodal, Decentralized Biometric Identity & Live Data Analytics Platform. Biocube offers a cutting-edge Unified Digital Identity platform, featuring multi-vertical products and solutions designed to elevate security to new heights. Our Agile AI-powered platform sets the standard for multi-factor, multimodal, and decentralized biometric identity verification, coupled with live data analytics capabilities.

What sets Biocube apart is its adaptability and versatility. Seamlessly compatible with a wide range of devices including smartphones, tablets, CCTV, IP cameras, laptops, and desktops, Biocube ensures a seamless integration into any technological environment. Best of all, it operates without the need for specialized hardware, providing a flexible and accessible solution for diverse industries and applications. From immigration and border security to banking, travel, education, and beyond, Biocube’s unique product architecture and advanced technology competencies make it the perfect choice for a multitude of use cases across various industries. Experience the future of identity verification with Biocube!

A Range of Industry-wide Solutions

AttendFy - AttendFy is a secure attendance solution developed for organizations in the education industry. It comes jam-packed with features like group attendance (up to 51 people at once), classroom monitoring, attendance insights, and more.

TruNtrance - TruNtrance is a spoof-free, self-service, and tamperproof employee attendance and visitor access management solution for global enterprises. The AI-powered solution is backed with geolocation, timestamps, geofencing, and many other features.

IDenTrip - IDenTrip is a cutting-edge Air & Cruise Travel Technology dedicated to transforming the way we experience and manage travel. With a focus on seamless identification and streamlined boarding processes, IDenTrip leverages biometric solutions to enhance security, efficiency, and passenger satisfaction. Our innovative approach is shaping the future of travel, offering a hassle-free journey from check-in to boarding.

BioKYC - BioKYC is a solution integrated with multifactor Bio-ID, making the onboarding smooth and further ensuring that the customer journey, e.g., transaction validation and payments, are secure & fraud-free.

Video Analytics - Video Analytics is an AI-driven surveillance and real-time reporting solution that helps in tightening organizational security, assists in post investigations, and detects as well as predicts potential anomalies. The generative AI solution displays insights on body posture, crowd, objects, and parking.

IDaaS - IDaaS (Identity-as-a-Service) is a multimodal cloud-based solution with five biometric recognition technologies, namely face, fingerprint, voice, palm, and eye. The multifactor solution eliminates the need for passwords or OTPs to log into a digital account and enhances security with impenetrable random biometric checks.

BioVisa - Biocube's BioVisa is a self-service, remotely usable, paperless, and contactless solution that helps travelers achieve a seamless user experience. It resolves the passenger's burden of undergoing long visa application processes, standing in queues, and rigorous checks.

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