Multi Faceted Style

While EuromaxCapital routinely raises finance to drive client initiatives towards fruition, the value, depth and range of the its service portfolio extends much beyond finance.

From the origination of powerful ideas and their conversion into deals, from the making of high level introductions to the presentation of new international opportunities, EuromaxCapital sees itself as a business partner and catalyst whose role transcends far beyond mere fund raising.

Our niche lies in serving as a bridge between Western capital and Eastern enterprise, deftly combining knowledge of ground realities and demands of emerging markets like India on the one hand with deep insights into the practices and expectations of the international business and financial community on the other. This knowledge blend enables superior advice on timing, structuring and other intricacies of diverse business and financing initiatives.

Our service portfolio navigates the entire spectrum from concept to closure:

Ideation & Advice

EuromaxCapital gets actively involved at the earliest possible stage. An engagement often starts by addressing the client’s commercial and financial goals and strategies - we bring our experience and exposure to bear in co-piloting the conception, development & crystallization of client strategies. As part of this stage, our focus is on being pro-active and in consistently presenting the full spectrum of meaningful financial choices.


Once such strategies and choices are crystallized, EuromaxCapital will identify and line up suitable international opportunities & thereafter proceed on the task of international fund raising through private equity placements, debt product placements or M&A origination and / or financing as may be the case - sometimes straddling all of these.

Capital Raising

The core EuromaxCapital competency lies in the raising of international capital.

Within this domain, the EuromaxCapital advisory & execution service encompasses:
 International Private Equity
 International Debt
 International M&A Finance
 International Structured Finance

We have a dedicated core of placement specialists and private equity coverage officers who are in continuous contact with private equity funds, senior credit sources, subordinated debt providers and mezzanine finance providers

EuromaxCapital arranges financing for a wide range of needs, whether the purpose of the financing is for growth capital, mergers and acquisitions, consolidations, leveraged or management buyouts, shareholder monetization & liquidity initiatives and re-financings / recapitalizations.

Once any deal is in motion, we help negotiate the best valuation and terms that the market will bear. Team EuromaxCapital manages the entire process, staying by the client's side all the way through and to closing.

We are equally at home raising international finance for listed companies as for closely held enterprises. This is made possible by our wide international relationship network of investors and banks which is diverse enough in geography, specialization and “bite” size to be responsive to most situations and compulsions.

Private Equity Placements

EuromaxCapital specializes in mobilizing private external risk capital by creating the right product to target the right investors with the right story.

Once the needs and profile of a client are calibrated, the structure frozen and placement documentation created, we speedily progress each mandate, tapping into our reservoir of market knowledge & vast, diversified investor pool.

We utilize our extensive transaction experience and wide investor relationships to develop optimum private placement packages beneficial to both the client and potential investors. We maintain relationships with possibly the broadest array of sources for emerging market private equity investment. The firm’s financial creativity, industry leading private capital relationships and our transaction experience all distinguish EuromaxCapital as one of the premier facilitators of emerging market private equity placements.

Our placement specialists combine this in-depth knowledge of private capital sources with the firm’s unique insights into emerging markets and expertise in financial engineering and market analytics to create optimal capital structures and value maximization strategies for our corporate clients.

We also sometimes act on behalf of the investing institutions pursuant to mandates issued by them in our favor, a measure of their confidence in us.

We aim to add real, measurable value to each private equity engagement, beyond mere fund raising.

International Debt Solutions

EuromaxCapital specializes in syndicating high value placements of corporate debt among international banks and specialized lenders.

Our value proposition stems as much from the ticket sizes of private placement debt we handle as in our ability to match such debt transactions with the right lenders on competitive terms and in a time-bound fashion.

Our placement specialists are in continuous contact with senior credit officers at major banks, hedge funds and other specialized financial institutions. This enables us to understand the changing lending preferences and risk tolerances of each institution and the strategic makeup of their portfolios from time to time. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of our lender’s capital appetite, risk profile, structural requirements, credit process, turnaround capabilities and likelihood of delivery. This knowledge is integral to matching clients with appropriate lenders. Our strong deal flow and solid record of accomplishment further enhances the firm’s credibility among lenders, often opening doors for new clients.

The EuromaxCapital debt product offering includes:

 M&A financing
Fully underwritten senior, subordinate and mezzanine loans
Bridges to high yield bonds
 Promoter Funding including financing against security of shares
 Structured Debt
 Refinancing of high cost debt
 Project debt syndication

International M & A Services

Merger, acquisition, divestiture and partnering opportunities are significant milestones in the life cycle of any company and for its owners or prospective owners. The financial, organizational, managerial and strategic dimensions which they pose create problems the solutions to which can be be very complex. Team EuromaxCapital has broad experience in assisting clients in various aspects of the merger and acquisition process.

Our M&A services are born out of our pro-active approach. By combining our international relationship network with our ongoing client insights, we create opportunities for mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and other such strategic alliances or financial restructurings.

This vantage view enables the pro-active creation of opportunities, choices and solutions which tend to accelerate achievement of client goals and enhancement of shareholder value.

Within this domain, we are as much focused on creating M&A and joint venturing opportunities for Indian clients in global markets- what we call “taking India to the world”, as on emerging market acquisitions for global companies.

Our M&A footprint extends across the world. Our focus being on emerging markets, we are very active, apart from India, in Africa, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, South America and most recently in Turkey. This is buttressed by our deepening inroads into Western Europe, Scandinavia, USA, Australia and the Far East.

M&A deals presently being handled by the firm run into multi billion dollars and straddle sectors as diverse as telecom, oil & gas, mining, banking, manufacturing and infrastructure with a footprint across 3 continents.

A full investigation of a seller’s alternatives frequently means an international search for potential acquirers and vice versa. This is where we stand out with our global reach, access and experience.

Third party financing often plays a vital role in M&A transactions. Through the firm’s vast network of capital sources, we can arrange financing for a wide range of M&A situations including roll-ups, consolidations, leveraged and management buyouts. We are able to handle all layers of a company’s capitalization to maximize flexibility, pricing and structural optimization.

In the international M&A arena, the firm has represented clients in numerous ways, including:
 Advising clients in the development & formulation of M&A and divesture strategies
 Identifying potential buyers or acquisition targets
 Establishing valuation criteria and ranges
 Developing alternatives and recommending appropriate courses of action
 Arranging acquisition financing for buyers, consisting of appropriate mix of debt and equity
 Structuring and negotiating transactions
 Identifying and working with prospective equity and joint venture partners
 Identifying, screening and initiating discussions with potential buyers/sellers
 Assisting in the preparation of confidential information and selling memoranda
 Coordinating legal, tax, accounting and other closing-related activities